Donations Overview

Kyxbucks purchases will follow the conversion rate listed below:

$10 : 100 KB

$20 : 220 KB

$30 : 350 KB

$40 : 490 KB

$50 : 640 KB

$60 : 800 KB

See the supporter perk list here: Supporter Perks


Kyxcraft is a nonprofit server organization, meaning that no proceeds from above donations will be used outside of Kyxcraft. Donation money recieved will be used to pay the monthly server bill (which may increase or decrease based on upgrades or downgrades deemed required by the administration), Ventrilo server bill, and forum hosting bill, as well as random donations to plugins used by Kyxcraft. No money will be spent outside of these venues of commerce.

Donating to Kyxcraft is non refundable. Donating does not grant you any ownership to anything within Kyxcraft, nor does it give you the right to anything. The items listed above are privilages granted to those who donate certain amounts and request their packages or services. It is entirely possible to donate to Kyxcraft with no expectation of anything, donations of this type are greatly appreciated as well.