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PostSubject: ---[BAN APPEAL RULES]---   ---[BAN APPEAL RULES]--- I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 11:04 am


If you are posting in this section it means you are banned, if you are not banned, do not put new posts in this section. Also if you are posting in this section it means that you are not on good terms with Kyxcraft and it's members. If you wish to appeal for re-entry, then your best option is to explain the situation in a calm manner, wait patiently for a response, and take your lumps when they are due. No amount of nagging, complaining, whining, and bellyaching will help your cause. Please heed this as it will do nothing but help you in your quest for re-entry


Hello, my IGN is ________, I have been banned for <reason>, I (Understand/ do not understand) why I was banned, my explanation is <Explanation>. I would like to be unbanned for <reason>, I apologize.

sincerly, <IGN>


Only people directly involved in any situation where someone has been banned may post in an appeal thread. This means that only the banned individual, anyone affected by his or her actions, and appropriate moderation staff (GM/AA/Admin) may reply.

Anything else is fuel to the fire and is entirely unnecessary.


I understand you are wishing to be unbanned, my reason (for/against) your unban is <reason>.
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