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PostSubject: ---[SERVER RULES AND GUIDLINES]---   ---[SERVER RULES AND GUIDLINES]--- I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 04, 2012 1:10 pm

Kyxcraft is run on a dedicated server with a “legit” ruleset in place to create a realistic city builder/ life simulation environment. To help keep these views and goals in place, a rule set is defined, followed and enforced.

White = Guest
– In this stage, you do not have any permissions, you are required to apply on our forums in order to obtain them.
Green = Member
– A player who has already applied and has been approved by staff and given proper commands, however green indicates
that they have yet to have donated (see Gold).
Gold = Spender
– Have donated to the server and in turn have received a special ability(ies)
Teal = Mod
– In charge of the day to day running of the server, Involved in warp set-up, banks, etc
Red = Supermod
– In charge of Permissions, changing player's groups, etc
Red(er) Red = Admin
- should only be messaged when all lower commands are busy or are not present.

Bukkit Essentials – which include homes, spawn, private messages, mail, teleporting, generating items, kicking and banning.
Lwc – to create protections for chests, and furnaces.
Permissions – Used to limit the command selection for ranks of players.
This list will be expanded as plugins are introduced


1. You will obey all commands given to you by the administration. Failure to do this may result in a warning, kick or a ban.

2. You will not grief anyone or anything on the server. This rule covers both Theft and Building grief.

3. You will not exploit any plugin or game mechanic. This includes but is not limited to duping items, 
Automation of buttons or commands to avoid AFKbooter or to auto sell items in an exploitative manner.

4. You will not build any creative 2.0 structures, creative 2.0 consists of buildings made entirely out of diamond / gold blocks, buildings which do not support a reasonable mode of physics, such as a floating structure. This rule also includes intentional server grief, this is a structure such as a cobblestone tower or any structure deemed as useless to the life of the server. Creating any kind of 1 x 1 tower or variation of such, or any kind of block text (without purpose) or any other structure not listed here that is not of reasonable intent, can and will be viewed as serverwide grief.

5. You will not harass other players, verbally or physically. Verbally consists of /msg open chat and forums. Physically consists of unauthorized teleporting or stalking.

6. If you are unable to read the rules, this will result in a denial of application, In order to let us know you have read ALL of the rules, please attach a {###} to the end of your answer to question number 5 in the Application Guide.

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